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Hello there, hope you’re doing good, sending good vibes to you. It’s good to know that you took the time to visit the about me page, haha. Poems apart, I am a crazy girl who believes in miracles, the universe, fairy tale and bliss. Someone who inspires me told me that, Isha you have magic and don’t let anyone take that away from you. I am yet to discover that magic. You will see the inspiration behind this blog in more detail in the inspiration section, but I will give you a gist of it. The Balanced Bliss is more about the outcome of all the drawbacks, criticism and hardships that I faced in my life that made me cry hugging my pillows at night. How I overcame them, what inspired me, and how I want to inspire many. Each one among us has their own journey that is full of situations, people and choices that we can’t control. Times that test our waters, when we feel like everything is falling apart and everything is going against us and….

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I Starved Myself to Lose Weight & Why You Shouldn’t

Its a long back story when I was in the second year of college. Though I was in a women's college, the kind of fun we had was quite thrilling. I have been a very shy girl, reserved and afraid of being judged.So, I never dealt with a lot of men in my life.

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3 New Year Resolutions that You Can Actually Keep

With each year we lose 365 days, 12 months and don’t know how many minutes from our lives, and yet we celebrate it. So, again a year has passed by, and some of us are still on the same page that we were last year, or took a few steps towards where we want to be.


How DIYs Can Help You Become A Better Person!

I am a creative person and can end up scrolling those cute DIYs on Pinterest. Apart from scrolling through, I love experimenting and creating my DIYs of anything. But the most amazing thing I realized was while I was helping my sister in making


How Failed Relationships Are A Blessing In Disguise!

Gone are the days where relationships were about growing old together, getting married or spending the lifetime. Modernization has turned old school love stories to Netflix and chill, tinder and flings. Now people get bored with each other so quickly,