This week could be tricky in terms of your love and relationship. You are advised to keep your cool while dealing with issues with your beloved. You are likely to be stressed out by your partner’s demands and expectations. In terms of your finance, this week will be favorable for you. The possibility of you spending money over family outings cannot be ruled out. Those of you running your own business are in for a delight. You will receive the much-needed nudge from someone who is willing to help your cause. In terms of your career, you’re going to be on cloud 9 with your positive attitude. Everyone will envy your brilliance and will be in awe of your tactfulness. As for students, those of you planning on pursuing higher education will find this week in their favor in terms of applying to universities/schools. Health-wise, this week will have many ups and downs. However, nothing major is foreseen. Only minor ailments will have to be dealt with.