This is a good time for you if you are looking to switch your job. However, take an offer and only then quit. Keep up your hard work and you will earn recognition and praise from your seniors. If you are a businessman, you will do well. As for students, if you are preparing for government entrance exams for jobs, you will succeed. As a student pursuing higher studies abroad, work harder. Stay focused and determined. You will excel. In terms of your finance, do not risk your finances by hasty investments. Do not lend money to anyone. If you are cash-trapped, you will get help from friends and family. In terms of your relationships, be careful of what you say and how you say things to your partner. Be patient and do not get into arguments or fights. Give your partner some space. For health, if you are obese or have diabetes, keep a close eye on your health. Plan a small vacation to rejuvenate your health – mind, body and soul. Practice yoga and meditation.