The Balanced Bliss..

The inspiration behind the name is that there is one essential key to a better life, which is Happiness. Happiness is something that can not be bought, only felt and shared. You can earn a million dollars and still live a miserable life full of anxiety, stress and unhappiness. Whereas, you could be a very happening person, outgoing, fun amazing, who always spreads joy and still does not feel satisfied or happy. So, what is the essential key to Happiness? The one that we should apply in every aspect of our life whether its work, relationships, emotions or health. The answer is the balance, which leads to eternal bliss. Enough about the name, the core inspiration behind this blog was my 10 day Vipassana journey that I took because I was frustrated with my fucked up job that fucked up my peace of mind.

A job that I wanted to leave, that drained my energy, and finally, for the first time in my life, I took a 15 daybreak. You understand the vibes you get when you feel that you don’t belong to a particular place? An inevitable rush of blood in your veins, saying that it’s high time you deserve better but your lack of confidence and fear of not getting something better scares you? I was in that situation for a while, putting extra efforts that brought me no good but only ungratefulness and criticism. As Lao Tzu, said STOP KILLING YOURSELF FOR A JOB THAT WOULD REPLACE YOU IN A WEEK IF YOU DROPPED THAT. Maybe I realized that I was killing myself day by day, my mental health, peace of mind, body and Happiness were all at stake. I finally started leaving my office on time, stopped doing things I was not getting paid for and realized that the weight I was carrying was not mine. On the day I resigned, I got to know the organization I served for more than 1.3 years was trying to con me by saying they have hired someone to help me, whereas she was my replacement. Their plan was to fire me without any update, and thankfully I resigned, after my resignation, the girl said no to do that much of work, and they also lost me. INSTANT KARMA

Every person I knew was telling me why I did that without having another job, sending me videos of people saying you should not leave your job unless you have XYZ saving. But were they in my shoes no? On those darkest days, I had to pull myself up, and I promised myself that Isha, your journey has just started and you are going to places girl. Why am I telling you this story? We all are always putting extra than we should, for more money, for applaud or to be more loved or liked. But the thing is we should set boundaries and don’t overindulge ourselves in everything. Because routines become habits and habits become our character. I was unemployed for more than two months and indulged in self-care therapies, meditation, crystal healing, watched motivational movies, videos and did everything that I always wanted to do but never had the time for. Finally, I landed in an excellent job that gave me the leverage and enough offs to work on something I am passionate about.

The job was a blessing in disguise for me, it was to guide me to the right path. We all have been in such toxic jobs, relationships and situations that drained our energy and brought the worst in us. But these are just roadblocks that pass with time but what causes this to happen is the imbalance. The Balanced Bliss aims to support everyone who has ever been or is currently facing such a situation. We all meet people who don’t understand or lack empathy, I am an empath, and I want to support your journey. I want to inspire millions of people who think that the days are not getting better because those who have seen the darkest days knows the value of a little sunshine.

My Inspiration is Inspiring people, watching them grow and lead a joyful life. 🙂