Get Rid Of Trapped Negative Energy In Your Home With Holistic Living

Sometimes, you encounter phases in your life that make you feel low. You probably don’t know why, but you can’t find a reason for it. Witnessing constant negative vibes or bad moods throughout the day or at times you enter particular places. Like that room in your home or your office. Ever had a day when you were all good, happy and cheerful – suddenly all this turns black putting you in a hazy state when you enter a particular place? You have been waiting to go home, and when you finally reach, there’s a lot of heaviness that you feel, which brings you down – spoiled mood leading to unnecessary arguments with family members.

Symptoms of Trapped Negative Energy

Headaches, restlessness, insomnia, tension, brain fog, difficulty in breathing, fatigue and stomach pain.

Feeling like you’re trying your best, but there’s something that is bringing you down? It’s trapped negative energy that affects us. It usually comes in contraction with our energy from the places you spend most of your time in – it could be your office because of the toxic people and work environment, your home or room. Here are a few tips to help you in keeping negative energy at bay:

Bring Inside Some Fresh Air & Sunlight

If your home stays closed all the time, you don’t remove curtains in the morning to bring in some sunlight or fresh air – chances are there is a lot of bad energy inside your home. Proper ventilation and exposure to sunlight are essential as it not only freshens up your home but also brings in some positive vibes in your living spaces.

Pink Himalayan Salt – My Personal Favorite

It is very commonly used in spiritual rituals and Feng Shui – as it helps in detoxifying your home from negative energy. You can either add some sea salt to your mopping water or put them in clear glass bowl and place in northeast or southwest directions. Don’t forget to replace them each month. You can also buy a pink Himalayan salt lamp, I have one, and it not only cleanses the energy but has many other healing properties – clears the air, lightens up the mood, soothes allergies, and aids in sleeping. You can light up one in the corner when you’re sleeping.

Smudge Your Home With Herbs

Smudging your home with the smoke of burnt herbs is one amongst the most ancient techniques of clearing energies. My personal favourites are Palo Santo and Sage, to be honest – you will feel a rush of positive energy right after the moment you burn them. They not only smell very soothing, but surely the aroma and smoke will make you feel very light as it has cleared away all your sorrows, worries and anxieties. You can buy from local markets or shop from Amazon.

Aroma candles for cleansing negative energy

Fragrances are essential, ever wondered why you feel disgusted on coming in contact with foul smells? Bad odours attract bad energy. Keep your surroundings smell fresh and pleasant, you can buy aroma candles with the goodness of white sage and natural soy blend. I have used Albero Scented Candle (Sea Salt Sage), and honestly, it’s the best one that I have ever used, which also fits in the budget.

These are some of the easiest and cost-effective ways of removing bad energy from your living spaces. I will be sharing some more very soon, sending love and good vibes to all.