How DIYs Can Help You Become A Better Person!

I am a creative person and can end up scrolling those cute DIYs on Pinterest. Apart from scrolling through, I love experimenting and creating my DIYs of anything. But the most amazing thing I realized was while I was helping my sister in making DIY dream catchers. It took us 3-4 hours in crafting one, which started from spinning wool on the ring and then forming an intricate pattern inside. And then after every half an hour, I would look at my sister saying, okay, how much more time it’s going to take?

Enough about the process, let’s get to the core idea behind this blog. What are the two fundamental essentials for success? What I learned during my meditation course were Patience & Persistence and the DIY dream catcher making reminded me about that. Here’s what I discovered after investing a lot of time in DIYs.

Makes Your Brain Sharp & Enhances Concentration Power

Let’s face it; we all have a hard time when it comes to concentrating on one thing. We’re distracted easily, and even the wall appears to be very interesting at those times. Indulging in a DIY activity helps in balancing your body with the mind. Where you need to continually focus and watch your movements to complete that goal, this is a sort of artistic training that helps you in building up concentration power and sharpen your brain. Practice makes a man perfect!

Increases Your Patience Level

Ever landed in a situation where you should have been a little patient but ended up bursting out on a small thing? Yes, we all have been there. I was very impatient, and DIYs will surely teach you all the lessons. You will spend hours trying to perfect one thing, and sometimes you will screw it up just like we screw up something in real life but the excitement and persistence to finish that goal will surely push you to your limits. Just like hard times prepare us for future pursuits, the initial grind of failing in DIYs is just the same. In the end, you have a beautiful thing created by you.

Teaches You The Value of Things

During my school days, we had to do our projects, whether they were complex related to science or creative. But with time, the scenario has changed and now you can buy anything from ready-made paper crafts to gift wraps and hand made cards. And I am sure many among us have probably said the word, why waste time “WE CAN BUY IT”, but what we don’t realize is how instead of giving value to the hard work we measure it with money. Making your things will surely make you understand the hard work that people put into making handcrafted things.

I hope you could relate to this blog and would suggest you to definitely get indulged in any DIY activity. If you liked it, please share it on your social media channels, leave a comment and yes SUBSCRIBE to my Newsletter for more amazing blogs. Sending good vibes ­čÖé