3 New Year Resolutions that You Can Actually Keep

With each year we lose 365 days, 12 months and don’t know how many minutes from our lives, and yet we celebrate it. So, again a year has passed by, and some of us are still on the same page that we were last year, or took a few steps towards where we want to be.

Each year we make resolutions, some stick to them and leave them for the next year. Frankly, I never made a New Year’s resolution because I made many and could not keep them that kind of left regrets in my heart and many among us are not good at keeping resolutions. But that does not mean we don’t even try, what about making some small resolutions that we will be able to keep which will further push us for achieving the bigger ones? This year let’s come together and make some little resolutions that will have a significant impact on our lives.

Be a little more patient with yourself and others.

A wise person is very patient, according to Buddha with patience and persistence, you’re bound to be successful. But how many among us do actually have it? In this busy and fast-paced world, we want everything very quickly whether it’s trending fashion clothing, next partner, job or success.

Sometimes to have those things we may get very impatient with ourselves and others that lead to getting upset over little things, cranky mood and taking out your regrets or miseries on others. This could turn into a cycle, and you may observe that people have started avoiding you. But we all get everything at the right time, when we are ready, so we have to learn to be patient with life, situations, people and continue to do our best.

Believe in Yourself

Do you believe in the law of attraction? Some might and some may not, but we have the power and potential to get what we want. Sometimes the entire cause of our failures are our lack of faith in ourselves and doubting our potential. Whereas we should keep congratulating us on the little progress we make each day, as they say, we should focus on moving forward – run, walk or crawl but don’t stay in the same place.

The main problem is that many people have a black and white attitude if they fail – they don’t try again. But without seeing dark days, how would you know the value of sunshine? If you aimed to lose 10 kg weight in 2 months, but you only lost 5, don’t beat yourself up. Just celebrate your progress, go out and celebrate it.

Stop Overthinking & Start Doing

Have you ever imagined, how much time we lose by just thinking about something? We are always waiting for the right time or moment, whether it is asking that person you have been thinking about, start working on a new project or giving more time to your family. We are always thinking about them without taking any concrete actions, what if we replaced every thought with an action? In the end, you will probably not regret the chances you did not take and taking action towards your goal will surely take you further.
Here’s a link to the best self-help book in the world, if you fail to take action – this book will surely inspire you with its thoughtfulness and knowledge. But make sure to not only learn the lessons but apply them into your real life. I have read it, and it kind of inspired me to start my blog.